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How Can/Does Anyone Upload Screenshots/Contributions To "Cortex Command's" Game hub?
Hey all!

I've been meaning to ask this for awhile now, but I see people can post up screenshots and such for "CC" without the steam overlay straight to the hub, right?

I wanted to know how exactly anyone here does that!? I've been able to post custom shots for games like "The Binding Of Issac", with some not working, but the method doesn't seem to work for "CC".

I made a small (albeit not that amazing haha) guide for "The Binding of Issac's" hub, and my steps are there which might help figure out this problem; check it out if you want:

---- ----

I hope someone can help me out here! Peace!
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Tleno Jan 20, 2013 @ 2:26am 
Great tutorial! I myself kinda managed to figure out how to do this and even managed to put a screeny on Steam, think the only difference is you need an ID for Cortex Command isntead of BoI, and everything else should, theoretically, be the same.

By the way, does BoI experience similar no Steam layout issues?
"BoI" sure does have the same exact issue! For "BoI" I hear, it has to do directly with the game being in a flash format, which keeps the overlay from working I thinking. In fact, there are a whole slew of games on Steam that have this same exact issue; whether you've a custom game or program it's pretty universal I would say.

And I believe I did use "CC's" specific gsme ID and created a folder for that itself, but there must be some component or mistake I made that keeps me from putting any shots up. If I tried this method and asked on, lets say, the "Thief: Deadly Shadows" board, which has the same issue, it might work or it might not with the same method, just depends on the game, I'm not sure haha.

But hey, do you remember how you posted your screenshots? I wanna know how everyone did it their own way to get an idea of things. Might have to ask "Data010" as well.
Tleno Jan 21, 2013 @ 5:46am

This is the first Cortex Command screeny ever uploaded on Steam. As you see in the comments, I asked the guy who made it, and he posted the whole explanation, following which I managed to upload my own screenie!
Ah man! Thanks for sharing that; I remember seeing that too but didn't look further into the comments, thanks!

Well I tried doing what he said and DID note that I always ALWAYS made a custom name to my screenshots, and that's part of the problem (or main issue I'm sure), but my screens still aren't showing up, I think it might just be something wrong with me haha.

But totally what that guy said, using the .jpg format along with a dated system would work best to ensure the shots come through. I'll try to update my guide, and hopefully, when I get a cortex shot uploaded, I can make a placeholder guide here as well to make sure folks know how to do this thing [Unless someone will do the honors first! lol.]

Thanks again Tleno, you've been a great help in just relieving stress in my desire to figure out what I'm doing wrong haha, hopefully I'll get one up soon too!
Okie dokie! My screenshots that I took with all the above steps have finally popped up in my screenshot manager folder! This took like a month before they showed up for some reason even after I did everything correctly...I guess the issue must have been a Steam conflict/update problem, so it was completely seperate from what I may have been doing wrong; which means the method works!

I'll throw a quick-skit guide up for folks here; peace!
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