GalaxyAngel Sep 22, 2013 @ 2:31am
TGS 2013 on TODAY!
I didn't know that I would meet Christine Love at Tokyo Game Show. When I was in Hall 9, I saw what I didn't expect. "That can't be?" REALLY Christine Love. I just felt like I met a famous movie star, so I was very excited for a long time.
I was trying to say something in English, but I was struck dumb, and she seemed like she was busy at that time, I couldn't talk with her properly. (Please excuse my poor English >_<)
In TGS, I first knew that "Analogue: A Hate Story" is being translated into Japanese. As the professional translator translated into Korean, Japanese also has been translated by expert. I guess, it means you will be able to play in antiquated Japanese (even the Japanese are difficult to read ^_^;) some day. Also available on iOS in next year. (I noticed it too late. The same contents was on her blog.) Obviously, millions of people worldwide are expected to play this game.

to Christine Love
I hope everything went well in Japan, and I hope you are not too tired.
- "With a Projector" boy.
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