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Clocky Apr 20, 2013 @ 10:19pm
Stuck inside a destroyed room
I hid inside a destroyed room to move my enchants around, but when I got out of the inventory I accidentally walked into one hole and got stuck inside a corridor. The game told me to buy the Transform into Bat spell to avoid this sort of thing, but I don't have one with me. Is there a way to get out of here, or do I have to start another character :( ?

edit: Found this.


I don't wanna suicide, but looks like there is no other way. Pretty anticlimatic way for my first character to die, heh.

My problem is solved but at least this thread could help someone in the future, so I'll leave it here.
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TinyCaterpillar Apr 25, 2013 @ 9:48am 
Sorry for your character. They'll at least serve as a warning to your future glyphbearers. :)

For future reference, my sister got stuck early on in the game as well, and she was eventually able to get out by using crates. It eventually sort of 'tossed' her character out of the hole, once the area shrank enough. It might have been a freak thing, but it worked that time.

Naturally though, getting a hold of a bat transformation or elusion scroll would be much more reliable. :P
wiidad Jun 9, 2013 @ 9:57am 
AVWW - I Wedged Myself Into A Hole And Now Am Stuck -- What Do I Do?

We get this question a fair bit from new players. The most common way to get yourself permanently wedged into a small space is by using powerslide plus stormdash plus duck to accelerate yourself through a small corridor that you then can't get out of. In fact, this is why powerslide is not available from the start, because it's too easy for new players to shoot themselves in the foot with it.

Make no mistake: those one-high sections are pretty much traps designed to get you stuck if you're unwary. Much like climbing through the rubble of an abandoned building in real life, you'd better have a really good reason to do so in AVWW, too. But if this sort of exploration is on your mind, there are several ways that you can ease the process:

The Miniaturize spell makes you so short that you can just run and jump through these small spaces with ease. Hooray! You also take 2x as much damage, but that's only a concern if enemies are right around at the time.
Transmogrify Into Bat scrolls let you turn yourself into a small bat that can fly through any of these spaces with ease, which is perhaps the best option. But you'll have to collect them periodically from underground stashes.
The Storm Fist spell is one of the few spells that is able to knock you around while you are immobile and/or ducking. This can get you into or out of trouble, depending on how you use it. Depending on just how you are wedged, you might be able to blast yourself out of the narrow area with this spell.
Elusion Scrolls are considerably more rare, but basically let you escape back to the world map at any time, so obviously you can get un-stuck from anywhere. Careful with this, though, as you may find you want it more at some other time in the future...
As a last resort, you can always Abandon Character from the escape menu. This suicides your character, but you get to pick a new character and move on with life. Presuming you got yourself stuck without any of the options listed above (or anything else you can think of as the game evolves), this is the option that lets you ultimately never be completely stuck in a world.

WOW why put that in the game at all?
just add a patch to port out of a space to the startnig point of the game when we are trapped, killing a perfectly good character is stupid...
Clocky Jun 9, 2013 @ 6:53pm 
On the other hand, the new character gets the former's spells and enchants, so you don't lose much.
wiidad Jun 10, 2013 @ 8:21am 
what is lost is the characters name and their personal stats...
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