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Way to level up?
Is there any way to level up? Or getting enchants/spellgems is only way to power up character?

Also, how to get more enchant points? 10 is a bit small...
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Jokaabel Feb 18, 2014 @ 6:06pm 
the only way to 'level' up your character in AVWW is to acquire more spell gems. as you work your way through the game (by killing the lutenents and overlord) the game level will gradually increase. this means that a spell gem that could do 1 hit wonders will soon become weak against enemy’s.

wile the game level increases the spell gem levels that you get from completing a mission will also increase so it is usually worth while doing a few missions every second or so time you defeat a lutenent/overlord. spell gems which are crafted usually have a higher level than the gems that you get from completing missions and so there for can be used for longer before you need to replace them.

the game helps a bit by highlighting the spell gems into three colours.

when the spell gems name is green then the gems level is higher than the current continents/tiles level.
when the spell gems name is yellow it is on par with the level of the continent/tile
when the spell gem is red then it is below the level of the continent/tile and it is highly recommended that you get a replacement gem.

as for enchant points, 10 is the lucky number. it will not increase at all during the game.so you are stuck with 10 i am afraid.

hopefully this is not to confusing and i hope this helps
Doubtful Feb 23, 2014 @ 3:02pm 
I just wanted to add that with the enchant points, it's basically just another way to "equip" your character for a given situation. It's not about how powerful your character is. Rather, it reflects your strategy for dealing with the situations you expect to encounter.

So if you're going to go on a Freefall mission, say, there's no reason to have much mana or attack power since there's no real enemies and you won't need extra mana for blasting mines, really. So you can put 9 points into health and 1 into mana.

Or if you're about to go on a long trek exploring buildings for enchant containers, you might want to bring extra health for a longer journey so you get worn down more slowly.

If you like to use higher mana-cost spells, you might want mana. If you tend to use fast firing, low damage, low cost spells, you can get away with less mana usually (except for bosses, if your regen sucks).

ALSO, with regard to enchantments/enchant containers, those are another way to "level" your character. Enchantments are gained by collecting those blue containers. Enough of them will give you a new enchantment eventually. Enchantments are your equipment or "gear" in this game. Customize your character based on what spells you have/like. So if you love Light spells (I do), try to wear enchants that give +Light power, etc.

Hope that helps!
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