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barda 2012年8月17日上午8:24
What's you best/favorite team in game ?
Mine is the Council
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Melody Burst 2012年8月17日下午5:23 
The Tribe, The council and the Dark Elves are probably my favorites.
Gas 13 2012年8月17日下午10:08 
TF2 team :)
UntouchedCow 2012年8月18日上午5:48 
The Tean Fortress 2 Team
Mr.L 2012年8月18日上午6:04 
The Tribe,Waaaaaaaagh!!!!
PET 2012年8月18日上午7:15 
Lately I have been playing with The Tribe. I like them.
stevonzo 2012年8月20日下午7:50 
I like the Tribe
Daigen 2012年8月20日下午8:29 
The TF2 team is challenging and a great addition! Definitely NOT just a current team with a half ♥♥♥♥♥ reskin. BUT it makes me want to play TF2 for realz!
Merdle 2012年8月21日上午12:38 
I like the Dark Elves, though they are definitely on the low end of the 'quirky abilities' spectrum.
Killua 2012年8月23日上午8:40 
TF2, all of the units have some very good abillities/range and they can stomp for free.
Please don't add me I'll cry 2012年8月24日下午6:42 
Council and Team Fortress 2. I think TF2 might've been the key selling point to the game in the first place. The game is fun either way.
Duke Gankem 2012年8月25日上午6:09 
I like them all, but I can't play with all of them that well...lol.
Southernslummin 2012年8月28日下午12:48 
I like the council. I've played with the TF2 guys for a few games and can't figure out how to win with them yet.
Observer[HvC] 2012年8月28日下午5:50 
I can't win with the TF2 at all
strangera 2012年8月29日上午1:49 
Dark Elves and TF2 teams
Katsu 2012年8月29日下午3:41 
Dwarves and Council.
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