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Kemp_J Jan 24 @ 7:51am
Humble Bundle Gold Pack issue (not TF2 items)
I bought this game via the HB, but I'm not seeing any of the Gold Pack content available in game (playing in Linux through Steam). The teams say "buy" next to them and give a pop-up telling me to follow the instructions on the HB website. If I go to the Steam store page for each DLC then it says I own them.

I haven't tried in Windows yet, but does anyone know if this a problem with the game generally, a problem specifically with the Linux version, or just a problem with my own account?

Off-topic: Confirming successful creation of my account with a pop-up titled "error"... hopefully not a sign of the general state of things.
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Kemp_J Jan 24 @ 11:42am 
I've confirmed that the DLC is functioning correctly in Windows, so it looks like it's just an issue with the Linux version.
Artiom78 Feb 5 @ 5:03pm 
Indeed. Once I played the game on windows, everything got activated properly and was ok back on my ubuntu 13.10.
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