The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition
kaben95 Feb 21 @ 11:40pm
Cant seem to run it
i just got this game and everytime i try to run it, it doesnt work right graphics are crap and it is constantly lagging and i dont know why. this shouldnt be the case because i have the nvidia gtx 780m 4gb gddr5, and my processor is an intel i7 4700mq. is it possibly because i have windows eight or something? and i have also tried to optimize it with my nvidia driver but it doesnt seem to help. Any suggestions?
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Bludallas Feb 22 @ 9:27pm 
I am unsure as to why you aren't able to run, I run this game flawlessly with a gtx660 2gb ddr5, i5 4670k, 8gbs of ram, I also run this on windows 8, maybe since you're using a laptop it might have some kind of compatibility issue.
kaben95 Feb 27 @ 9:36pm 
maybe im not sure i just know that with the stuff i have it shouldnt have a problem. i mean i can skyrim and other games.. just not witcher 2 which is rather strange in my opinion.
Amatsuki Feb 27 @ 9:53pm 
every game hates windows 8 atm and personally its a terribad OS meant to try and clone the mac OS which is worse, this game requires you to have a Quad Core CPU to run at decent fps with no lag check system spec requirements first if it says Win Xp/Vista/7/8 and you got 8.1 it means its incompatible.
kaben95 Feb 28 @ 3:40pm 
yeah it says its compatiblity doesnt go up to windows 8 so i imagined that would be the problem. So i imagine there really isnt a way to fix this then?
I am a GTX 670 Feb 28 @ 3:41pm 
Turn off uber sampling OP, its a killer on the GPU and a 780 wouldnt be enough to hold 60 fps with ubersampling on. Also turn of DOF as it produces and unrealistic depth effect for a loss of FPS. With them off you should net 60 healthy fps.

FX 8350 here, with a single GTX 670 and i can max the game aside from uber sampling and DOF and hold 60-90 fps (120hz monitor)
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