Street Fighter X Tekken
Any 3D players here?
I would very much appreciate if someone can help me with the awful bright glare I am experiencing. I just started learning how to 3D game and I don't know how to adjust my settings yet. Its cool a heck, but I am getting this BRIGHT GLARE that really hurts my eyes. I figure it had to do something with adjusting my setting or something, which I don't know how to do yet. I even get the Glare when I play Tomb Raider in 3D. So my guess would be I need to learn how to adjust my settings. Anyone out there willing to help a newbie here:) Or at the least send to a link to learn how to adjust my settings playing in 3D?
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Well, I see there are no 3D players on here lol..Anyway, I think I got the tacky glare to go away a little, even though I forgot how lol....Does anyone know a good basic way to show me how to adjust all my 3D games? They only give you so much info and instructions when you buy 3DTV play.

PS. Does anyone know a good setting to have set while in 3D mode. These are the settings I see below but I am just not sure what the best setting is?

Increase 3D Depth
Increases the depth amount realtime in the current game.
Decrease 3D Depth
Decreases the depth amount realtime in the current game.
Show/Hide Stereoscopic 3D
Turns 3DTV Play off and on. The 3D TV will appear in 2D mode and the glasses will no longer be needed. Note while 3DTV Play and the 3D TV appear to not be working in 3D mode, you will notice decreased performance when running your games as NVIDIA 3DTV Play is still running and rendering both frames for your 3D games. To maximize performance when not using 3DTV Play, switch to a HD or SD mode
Captures 3D game screenshot
This captures a 3D screenshot of your game and places it in the c:\Users\[username]\My Documents\NVStereoscopic3D.IMG directory. The files will be stored as stereoscopic JPEG files with the file extensions .JPS. These files can be viewed with the NVIDIA 3D Photo Viewer.
CTRL-ALT- Insert
Show/Hide in-game compatibility message
Displays the settings recommended by NVIDIA for the current game in the lower right hand corner of your display
Increase convergence
Moves objects towards you. Maximum convergence places all objects in front of the scene, in user space. Used to place the laser sight. (Advanced)
Decrease convergence
Moves objects away from you. Minimum convergence places all objects “behind” the scene, in user space. Used to place the laser sight. (Advanced)
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