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Shu-ling 2013年4月30日 10時46分
Am I able to use dlc off steam store on a non-steam SFXT?
Like say there's a sale on steam, am I unable to take advantage of that?

Edit: Yea I found that out recently
最近の変更はShu-lingが行いました; 2013年5月17日 9時16分
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Valkyrie 2013年4月30日 23時32分 
No i dont think so sorry, but you can use dlc off GFWL onto your steam version.
[DR/Caribbean]「遠野志貴」Shiki 2013年5月17日 9時15分 
No. Steam will tell you that you're missing the base game. To be able to use DLC from Steam, you NEED to have the base game on your Steam library.
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