Vasadendric 2013年4月20日上午11:38
Guns of Icarus Fan-Made Soundtrack
For anyone who's interested, I wrote a fan made soundtrack for GOI. Check it out if you feel like it . . . or don't, I already feel like a total d-bag for plugging my own work, lol.
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Keyvias 2013年4月20日下午12:38 
All very awesome!
personal favorite is Anvala Trading District.
My only complaint is the fire sounds are a little overpowering in Atmosphere of the Aftermath.
Vasadendric 2013年4月20日下午7:57 
Thanks. Also, Anvala Trading District is one of my favorites on the soundtrack as well. One of those songs where everything just fell into place.
Sky Captain 2013年4月21日上午9:41 
Pretty solid, enjoyed Firnfield and To Captain a Ship
Vasadendric 2013年4月21日上午11:03 
Thanks man, glad you liked it.
[THS] Sgt. Spoon 2013年4月22日下午1:53 
woah, great work man :)

you should post this in the Gallery section in our forum "" to show it to more GoIO fans (if you want of course)
Vasadendric 2013年4月25日下午5:19 
Done did it, man. Thanks for the suggestion.
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