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4/30/14 1.3.6 Hotfix is also Live!
Female Khovansky finally in! With enhancements to figureheads and deck themes, adjustments to the flame thrower, and quite a few fixes. Enjoy!

- Adjustments to figurehead positioning
- Fixed in-match tutorial text blocking spawn point
- Fixed female Khovansky’s deploy issue
- Increased character limit of clan messages
- Improved ship previewing in Store and fixed minor UI display issues
- Improved scaling for a few UI icons
- Adjustments for Royal theme on Spire
- Adjustments for Industrial theme on Spire
- Adjustments for Industrial theme on Squid
- Adjustments for Industrial theme on Junker
- Fixed object blocking the view while being on helm in 3rd person on Galleon with Industrial theme
- Fixed Hwacha sound effect
- Fixed ‘last online’ not being updated
- Fixed color consistency of pie charts
- Fixed display issue showing clan officer functionality for non-officers
- Fixed UI issue when clicking Options at player’s badge selection screen
- Fixed/changed store and community 'new' label to resolve UI bug
- Fixed overlapping text in game manual
- Fixed Community Ambassadors’ list being covered by community panel
- Fixed 'ESC' key closing wrong window and causing UI to break
- Fixed animation when cart is full
- Fixed issue with clicking on the character icon not letting player to customize his/her character
- Fixed profile statistics inconsistencies
- Fixed duplication of Industrial theme in Prizes
- Various tutorial adjustments to clean up text, improve pacing, and fix a couple of issues.
- Fixed/renamed a pilot achievement not fitting its window
- Fixed using line-feeds in ‘Clan quotes’ breaking the UI
- Fixed Pilot tutorial text showing the actual key instead of default
- Fixed ‘clear all’ on notifications disabling the expand chat box when nothing is in the way
- Fixed resolution options’ inconsistency under Linux
- Added buy limitation for figureheads, decals and themes as they are not consumables and can be used on all ships simultaneously
- The ‘remove from clan’ option is now hidden from non-officers
- Smoother landing animations when Range-Finder or Chemical Spray is in the player’s hand

- Flamethrower (lol): 1.2 Fire Damage (from 1.6), Ignition Chance for 1 Stack 18% (from 27.4%), AoE 4m Radius (from 6), Clip Size 250 (from 300)
- Heatsink: Now extinguishes 3 stacks of fire upon reload
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