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Man i wish...
I had gotten into this game sooner !

I have to admit, I'd see the game around the store before as suggestions & on sale ; But never really paid much attention to it. Didn't really stick out and grab me, in fact I thought it was another crappy F2P that STEAM keeps allowing into their market place....

I was wrong....

I saw the sale, and was bored looking for something new and gave her an honest look. Then immediately slapped myself, ' Why didn't I really check this out before !?!?! ' SO I got the four pack incase it turns out to be good, I got some friends who might be interested in it too. Well last night I finally got to play.

And I was blown away ! This game was soo much fun ! I didn't feel comfortable trying to captain a ship, or pilot one so I decided to play as an engineer, and maybe grab a gun and shoot back once in awhile. It was an absolute blast ! I seriously haven't had this much "simply good fun" from a game in awhile. It really was a pleasure to play. It's fast paced, and yet slow enough to enjoy, the game looks beautiful, the competition was fun, and best of all the people I played with were all very nice and very helpful.

Anyways... I really wish I had found this sooner, you guys have a great game here !
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Keyvias Feb 19, 2014 @ 7:15am 
Thank you so much!

We always love hearing you're enjoying the game.
Thank you for checking us out as well. I know there are always a bunch of games so it is really easy to pass over one.
Glad we were able to grab your attention.

See you in the skies!
Sam Hunter Feb 19, 2014 @ 9:21am 
Hey, I hijack tis thread that I am Sam Hunter, and this game is my favorite in the cita.... I mean on Steam.
More seriously, I also bought it recently with the sale and tried it today and was BLOWN AWAY, and this is just with the basic ships vs ship mode, I've read here and there that there is more than that !
Great job Dev, really a very very great job.
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