Blade Feb 18 @ 1:06am
Windows 8
I want to get this game but my operating system is Windows 8 and I'm not sure if it will work, does anyone know for sure?
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Urz Feb 18 @ 1:30am 
I play on Windows 8 and as far as I know no issues derived from that.
Terrkas Feb 18 @ 3:53am 
Should work fine on windows 8, at least I have no problems with this OS.
maximum00 Feb 18 @ 5:28am 
Yeah, i have win8 too. I wanted to buy this game and i just want to make sure it will work.
[Muse] Keyvias Feb 18 @ 7:38am 
Currently on Windows 8 myself. No issues on my side and none reported.
-TAW- MetzgerHorst Feb 18 @ 7:52am 
windows 8.1 here, but because of crappy video drivers i have to use win7 compatibilty mode for most games... it works like charm tho :)
ℐɧɇ Qʊҩgᵯiᴚɇ Feb 18 @ 10:32am 
Running stock 8.0 windows on max graphics. works just fine.
Blade Feb 19 @ 1:42pm 
Ok thanks everybody :D
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