ZaSpecialist 2月3日上午7:32
Looking for team
I just got the game, looking for people to play with. I never take to much to understand something, you only need to tell me once what to do and I put the rest of the puzzle pieces together in my head.
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dArth Pollo Vater 2月3日上午7:35 
Play the tutorials, and join pick up teams, that's the best way to learn !
ZaSpecialist 2月3日上午7:35 
Ok, thanks.
Terrkas 2月3日上午8:11 
You can search for a guide to get more informations here, or read the ingame manual (just click on the book). It will explain the basics to you. After that and some time in the tutorial and sandbox, stick to novice games. There are other new players. When you hit level 4 you can´t play novicegames anymore, so if you want to gather some experience with a class in less challenging matches. Try not to hit level 4 before you tried each class.

If you have some questions about the game, feel free to ask in the steamhub or in the global chat. Usually some CAs are there and are willing to help you.
Alistair MacBain 2月3日上午10:01 
You can also search for experienced players that are willing to teach. There are a lot of experienced players that will teach you what to do if you enter their match. Just make sure to have sound on so you can hear them as it is quite hard to write while doing the own job.
[TFO]LBLunchboxLB 2月3日下午2:19 
I would like to play.
ZaSpecialist 2月3日下午2:20 
Got same nickname in game, add me.
[TFO]LBLunchboxLB 2月4日上午6:52 
引用自 ZaSpecialist
Got same nickname in game, add me.
I added you
[G] Cheesy Crackers 2月4日下午6:00 
You can also try applying to join a clan in "The Docks" section of the forums if you feel you're ready.
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