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Watchmaker  [developer] Feb 3, 2014 @ 5:34am
1.3.5 Release Notes
For a video overview of the notes:

- Main screen adjustments: Removal of Quick Join, renaming of Matches as Play (with the removal of Quick Join, the language of the UI needed to be made more direct)
- Match List rearrangement - listing of matches will now go as follows (from top to bottom): scrambled not yet started, unscrambled not yet started, scrambled in progress, unscrambled in progress.
- Ability to block/mute during match via crew screen (with tab key)
- Rank numerals displayed in match via crew screen (with tab key)
- Progression page adjustments - removal of Summary page, with relevant information displayed on Log page
- Adding sound for equipping and changing the zoom level of the Spyglass
- Switched crew signals (voice command) sound from 2D to 3D sound
- Adding sounds for 'miss hit' with the tools (for the extinguisher, chem spray)

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed inability to rejoin a match you were just spectating
- Fixed a bug where going to spectator from crew slot right before match start, then leave match from spectator after match start causes leave count to go up.
- Fixed a bug where switching to spectate last second as a captain breaks the lobby and keeps people in the connecting window till they exit the game. People should no longer get a leave count.
- Fixed a bug where when someone is on the helm no engine noises are being played.
Fixed a bug where explosion spark was missing a material (showed as occasional pink squares in ship death effect)
- Fixed a bug where join match from friend list didn’t work
- Fixed a bug where the spot box became massively skewed when looking through heavy flak sights
- Fixed the snapping issues when trying to stand on guns/engines (most visible on Spire)
- Fixed a lighting glitch in ship customization
- Improved performance on ship transform hierarchy
- Fixed an issue where --resetToDefaults was not correctly applied at startup
- Fixed a bug that could cause no skills to be loaded on entering a match

- Refinery—Goals 600 from 650 points, Capture Time: 25s from 30s
- Labyrinth—Goals: 525 from 600 points, Capture Time: 20s from 35s
- Scrap—Goals: 600 from 800 points, Capture Time: 20s from 25s
- Anglean—Goals: 550 from 675 points, Capture Time: 25s from 35s
- Flayed—Capture Time: 30s from 40s

- Artemis— Muzzle Speed reduced to 575m/s from 700m/s (Shell Life adjusted to maintain ~1330m range), Project Expansion (where the bullet hitbox expands as it travels) Reduced by 30%, AoE Burst Size Reduced to 2.5m from 3.5m, Yaw Speed decreased to 25 degrees/s from 30 d/s
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Stalker Feb 3, 2014 @ 5:52am 
500+ MB for only this? 0.o
Ace42 Feb 3, 2014 @ 6:13am 
All nice fixes, but I agree a little with Stalker.
The spawn system still makes Crazy King broken; where dying can give you a positional advantage on the field for the next objective;
It still presents a camping-win in seeral skirmish maps; as if you charge the enemy positions and kill one of them, they just respawn while you're injured and get a revenge kill AND one on your team-mate too in the subsequent 2vs1.

There's still a "Camping wins" meta on Canyon Ambush too.

I'm hoping the change to quick-join will reduce the problem of spare Pilots dissolving AI Engies mid-game - it looks like a clever nudge in the right direction; but I suspect that people will still pick completely the wrong classes for a ship and join games in progress just because "they like the look of the match" or the like.
☸ mezhu Feb 3, 2014 @ 7:26am 
At least Ace you will be able to blame and scream at those people since it's their fault solely now :D
Anything more than this would be too much- can't restrict people from joining games based on their classes..
Jack9579 Feb 4, 2014 @ 9:05pm 
Good job!!! Love the game!
Fendelphi Feb 5, 2014 @ 12:26am 
Nice update. Now we are back to Artemis actually requiring a bit of skill and it's role is better defined(long range disable/explosive weapon, vs long range, good vs everything due to AoE, sniper).
I am not going to change my Junker build though, since I was flying that before the old buff to the artemis. But I guess my crew needs to "re-calibrate" a bit. ;)
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Watchmaker  [developer] Feb 7, 2014 @ 7:57am 
A small group of client fixes has just been released.

1.3.5 (412)
- fixed several missing projectile meshes
- projectiles (and their trails) are properly aligned to the direction of flight
- voice sample is audible in character customization again
- scoreboard block UI uses consistent colors
- compass should no longer show up, partially, when spectating
- on match start, should always go straight to "connecting" screen rather than seeing random bits of lobby UI
scavenge Feb 18, 2014 @ 2:24am 
Lol professional rager :O
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