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Demian Jul 22, 2014 @ 1:09pm
Cannot connect to games through lobby
So far I haven't been able to connect to a single game through the lobby. I can join lobbies, use and hear voice chat, but right as the counter reaches 0 and the game starts loading, I get stuck in an infinite connection loop. It tries to connect, I get "connection attempt failed", waits 5 seconds and fails again. The return to lobby button doesn't work either.

I have to ALT+F4 out of the game, restart the game, and press the reconnect button in the main menu. Then it joins the server in less than a second. I can also join games by having a Steam friend join a game and using the "join game" option in the friends list. Voice chat works fine in-game too.

I have disabled Windows firewall, PeerBlock, COMODO firewall, and Avast antivirus. I still cannot join games through the lobby. I have also forwarded the following UDP ports through Windows firewall and my router:

5055 to 5100
27000 to 27030

Speaking of PeerBlock. Whenever I'm trying to connect I get bombarded with ~4 pings/second from DINSA Ministry of Defence from IP ranges starting with 25. According to this: it has something to do with Hamachi. I do not have that program installed.

I happened to reinstall Windows 7 last week so I'm on a fairly fresh system software-wise. To make things even weirder there's a roughly 10% chance of Firefox/Chrome or Steam web browser working while have the game open. Other application's online features work just fine (instant messaging etc.) but anything that is browser, more often than not, does not. I've managed to open a web page a couple of times but almost always the browser complains that there's no internet connection. Windows' network and sharing center shows that there is a connection.
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Keyvias Jul 22, 2014 @ 1:42pm 
Hey Demian,

Sorry to hear you're having this issue we'll do our best to get you into the skies.
Can I have you uninstall Avast and swtich to AVG. Avast has been known to cause a slew of connection issues in games (ours included.)

For Comodo, open Comodo and in "Sandboxed Apps" add Guns of Icarus to trusted files, then re-start the game. Comodo seems to be unable to add programs to trusted apps some times even though you tell it to when the program asks what to do with a particular file.

That 25 start is a connection to EU servers I believe that Hamachi uses and we go through as well sometimes (it's probably why Hamachi gives our game issues if it's installed at all.) I don't know anything about peerblock through so I do not know exactly. If it's disabled it shouldn't* cause any issues.
*again don't know the program

If those don't work, can I have you grab your Path Ping, DxDiag, and MSInfo?
If you enter the following commands (on the command prompt) and screenshot the results:
To obtain the DxDiag file:
Press Windows Key + R.
Type DxDiag and press Enter.
In the DxDiag window, click Save All Information.
Save this file to the desktop and name it dxdiag.
To obtain the MSInfo file:
Press Windows Key + R.
Type MSInfo32 and press Enter.
In the MSInfo diagnostic window, click File, then Export.
Save this file to the desktop and name it msinfo.
Send those to
Demian Jul 22, 2014 @ 2:48pm 
I've never had problems with Avast in the +3 years I've been using it. Comodo on the other hand has caused a few headaches along with Peerblock. I tried again after disabling Comodo and Peerblock autostarting services and applications and then restarted the computer. After disabling Avast shields and services I still had no luck.

Info mailed.
Keyvias Jul 23, 2014 @ 8:34am 
Thanks for mailing the info, reply sent, spent the morning with an engineer combing through all the data seeing there the issue was.
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