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Keyvias Jul 30, 2014 @ 7:12am
1.3.7 Update is now live!
- Clan list improvements: added search functionality, additional ranking schemes, and clan member titles
- Added new ship themes: Valentine’s Day and The Fortress
- Added new figureheads: Totec, Sylph, and Chrysomallus
- Added 2 new Japanese voices for voice commands
- Basic Tutorial Improvements - added goals, mini-missions, and focused on critical gameplay knowledge
- Added additional antialiasing option, FXAA. Faster on most hardware and fixes a number of glitchy cases
- Added 3rd-person animation for looking through the spyglass
- Added distinctive costume for AI crewmembers
- Chat command improvements:
- Commands now listed by typing “/help”
- Can now send PMs to players with spaces in their name by doing /w "player name"
- /pm now functions the same as /w
- /team now lets you switch to team channel
- Chat channel commands (/r /w /c) no longer case sensitive.
- Added confirmation for reporters and reported players.
- Added confirmation to all “Exit Game” buttons
- Automatically retry login from the “Login Failed” screen
- Added indicator to main-screen Progression button for unclaimed prizes
- Added descriptions to badges
- Changed labeling of customization buttons for clarity
- Manual added to Steam store page
- Use on screen tutorial tips to inform players what they should be shooting at.
- Added more direct support link in “Need Help?” section in game footer
- Clicking on version number in footer now opens Release Notes (in a browser window)
- Flight of the Icarus code update and fixes

- Fixed: no achievement progress for fully repairing a buffed hull
- Fixed 'Yesterday, tomorrow' achievement not confirming kills by crew members
- Fixed: first fire stack deals more damage than intended
- Fixed: raycast weapons might not apply skill modifiers on their last shot in a clip
- Fixed: Holding down the mouse button buffs/rebuilds slower than clicking rapidly
- Fixed: Tar Barrel clouds not affected by wind
- Fixed: Crew members do not show up victory screen when their ship is distant or in a cloud
- Fixed: Signal volume slider not working
- Mine balloon hitbox matches visuals now
- Extended ship walkable volumes a bit to prevent cases of fading out while still on the ship
- Fixed: a case where you could be “respawned” while using a gun
- Fixed: Effects leaks from match to match
- Fixed: Fire fighting tools' fail sound effect is inaudible in third person
- Fixed: Hitting reload on a weapon with non-standard ammo and no shots fired reloads regular ammo with modified clip size.
- Adjusted gun hitboxes
- Fixed: AI ignores 'captain target' command
- Fixed: Rare PhysX crash on ship death
- Fixed: Destruction logs in tutorials mention the wrong ship
- Fixed: Heavy flak reload animation issue
- Fixed: tools twitch if you switched while the previous one's 'use' animation is still playing
- Fixed: Next and previous crew spectating was not able to switch to the 4th crew member of a ship.
-Fixed: Certain weapons gunfire sounds missing for spectators
- Fixed: achievements bugged with 100% hull health required (Not a Scratch, Untouchable, Unscathed)

- Fixed: some UI sounds not affected by SFX volume slider
- Fixed: choosing a dye in the ship customizer reset team color
- Fixed: text could overflow container in clan quotes and messages
- Fixed: erroneous “connection failed” message when moving into a game
- Fixed: Swapping slots from captain to crew leaves a Ready button on the screen
- Fixed: Captain’s Priority marker doesn’t disappear when the target is destroyed
- Fixed: Ship cosmetics not showing up in prematch preview
- Fixed: Chat doesn’t minimize when entering clan page from a player’s profile
- Fixed: If chat is disabled in spectator getting to the menu and back will show up the chat help
- Fixed: UI breaks when trying to respond to a PM on a screen where chat is disabled
- Swapped positions of “Cancel” and “Submit” buttons on the Report page for consistency
- Updated facebook link
- Fixed: decal vs logo naming inconsistency
- Fixed: Match end reports stuck on screen
- Fixed: Sandbox vs Practice naming inconsistencies
- Support/website link on login fail screen now clickable
- Fixed: Button labeling and clicking consistencies
- Fixed: When receiving a notification at loading screen only the close button 'X' is visible
- Tooltips updated
- Swapped positions of ‘Cancel’ and ‘Accept’ buttons on resolution change confirmation screen.
- Fixed: Using slot swap to switch from a captain to crew leaves the ready button on screen.
- Fixed: Redeemable prizes list doesn't update after redeeming
- Fixed: Typo in achievement 'Stalling for Time' description
- Fixed: Issue with badge display in Profile
- Fixed: Flickering at the bottom of skills icons in skills selection screen
- Fixed: Compass signs overlapping captain commands
- Fixed: player quote not refreshing when not saving the changes
- Button label changed to ‘Cancel’ and ‘Save Changes’ in customization menus
- Fixed: no sound effect when clicking on certain menu items
- Fixed: Global chat visible while transitioning from victory screen to lobby
- Fixed: UI breaks when trying to connect to a private lobby while at the community menu
- Fixed: Wrong display mode shown if you cancel the change at confirmation

- Fixed: Silhouette created by flares disappears when zoomed in with spyglass/scope
- Fixed: Fog artifacts on the edges of distant objects
- Fixed: Clouds “pulsating” on some maps (when postprocess effects enabled)
- Fixed: Effects left behind on the seats of heavy guns
- Fixed: Map edge effects triggering in certain spots in the middle of Battle on the Dunes
- Fixed: Flickering artifacts on certain meshes in Battle on the Dunes
- Fixed: Rope clipping inconsistencies
- Fixed: Ship dyes do not take ship LODs into account
- Fixed: LOD only baking half of the textures
- Fixed: Fadeout spots around the edges of ships
- Fixed: Camera shakes in menu while spectating and locked on a ship being attacked.
- Fixed: Rope clipping through gun on Spire
- Fixed: Hole under left stairs on Galleon
- Fixed: Ship decoration flags disappearing when looking at them from a certain angle
- Fixed: adding themes to Mobula removes flags on the ropes

- Updated novice loadouts based on community feedback
- Tar Barrel is now click-to-activate on a 3-second cooldown
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[Muse] Bubbles  [developer] Jul 30, 2014 @ 9:12am 
The config issue that caused some people to not able to log in (which just required a restart of game) is now fixed. A new game client is now available on Steam. Sorry again for this issue!
Watchmaker  [developer] Sep 9, 2014 @ 1:33pm 
We've made some changes to the way the soundtrack DLC is shipped, both because of player requests and to better support Steam Music.
  • Soundtrack install folder renamed from "Guns of Icarus Online Soundtrack" to just "Soundtrack"
  • Added MP3 versions of each track
###O?qÿáÓ Sep 9, 2014 @ 1:49pm 
Originally posted by Muse Watchmaker:
We've made some changes to the way the soundtrack DLC is shipped, both because of player requests and to better support Steam Music.
  • Soundtrack install folder renamed from "Guns of Icarus Online Soundtrack" to just "Soundtrack"
  • Added MP3 versions of each track

Thanks :)
Masterhummel Sep 10, 2014 @ 3:01am 
Great bugfix release. Though, i hope the next one will be a content one.
President Greevil Sep 10, 2014 @ 4:04am 
Originally posted by Masterhummel:
Great bugfix release. Though, i hope the next one will be a content one.
Last edited by President Greevil; Sep 10, 2014 @ 4:04am
[POEX]An-Tarxamon Sep 12, 2014 @ 11:19am 
Thank you :-) Great game!
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