ej Mar 19, 2013 @ 7:09pm
My small bugreport.
I only completed 3 chapters including prologue, but encountered several bugs so far.
First, it crashes of freezes from time to time. When it does, invisible dialog window appears and you can only close the game by pressing Ctrl-Alt-del, other key combinations don't help. In chapter 1 it froze several times after loading saved game near city walls and later when I completed the chapter and entered dungeon. In chapter 2 I had periodic crashes usually after loading locations or saved games.
When starting chapter 3: innkeeper forgot to take wyvern meat but still gave me the money. In the same place I started boxing while there were other character's body still lying on the floor. After a few hits my opponent fell and apparently died, stamina circle went almost to zero, his body disappeared. And I remained in battle mode, could run around the floor but unable to hit anyone or do anything else.
Minor complaint: in ch 2 the medic girl advised me to ask Zoltan to appraise my new silver sword, but later said that she doesn't know him.
Updated: Fixed a few mistakes I usually make when writing forum posts after sleepless night
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