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God - Mode in GoT
by DaviDwithD
Guide zum aktivieren des God-Mode in Game of Thrones...
Руководство по русификации игры
by Vladimir [RU, noob]
Официальный и очень простой способ добавить в игру русский язык для меню и субтитров....
FOV Fix (Field of View) Camera Zoom
by Smoker
Makes the camera zoom out so you can see more....
Possible graphic improvement through ini file - vsync def works
by Smoker
Improve graphics...
Game of Thrones: An RPG Walkthrough
by HereticPruder
The Game of Thrones, a game of deadly intrigue and betrayal, a game few are fit to play. I will attempt to play this horrible game in hopes that someone will watch it and enjoy. Personally, I like the story and the amount of ingame conversation is great. ...
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