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Soundcreepy 2012年11月8日上午9:51
Anyone know when Behind The Wall is coming to steam? It's 4.99 from the main site.
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Camerooni 2012年11月8日下午4:50 
It went up just now: - same price.
Soundcreepy 2012年11月8日下午4:50 
igorjanlunatique 2012年11月9日上午12:07 
Wow, thanx for information! Bought immediately.
In Russia it's about $3.
igorjanlunatique 2012年11月9日下午12:18 
Just have walked it through. It's rather short, about couple of hours. Just like a pre-story of Mors getting his nickname "The Butcher". Rather simple and the most of story is rather predictable. But for the ending. It's soooo ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ tough, that my hands are stil shaking! :))
Serjth 2012年11月10日上午7:51 
Not long: 1 - 1.5 hours approx. Straight forward walktrough. But the end is very good.
Jacob Singer 2012年11月10日下午5:14 
Just downloaded the dlc. Now the game just stops after the first two logos show. Never had a problem before. Rats.
Rammur 2012年12月3日下午3:09 
How the hell do u acess the content i dont even see the option for the new quest pack ingame.
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