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BBG.Dr. of Thuganomics 2012年11月2日 5時01分
Dog skin pack
Does anyone have any clue how to change the dogs skin? Because i am beyond clueless. Thanks in advance :)
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hapex2010 2012年11月3日 9時20分 
When you start Game of Thrones go to Downloadable Content and the Dog Skin Pack should be in there if you purchased it. Once there click on it once and another screen will load giving you 3 different skins to choose from. Simply choose the one you wish to use and it should load fine after that. I hope that helps.
Gavener 2014年10月9日 13時53分 
Thank you sir, love that search option, typed in Dog Skin DLC and boom my plain grey pitbull is now a Rotty, i know i got both breeds wrong, i just miss my Rotty dog
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