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Gororules 2012년 10월 23일 오후 4시 52분
Game Crashes at first auto save. Help?
I've seen people complain about this SAME thing and one person fixed it by making their own save folder but this doesn't seem to work for me, I've tried reinstalling and I have the same issue, anyone else know how to fix this? I create a character and as soon as the game gives me control after the cut scenes it says "saving" and crashes.
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Ziharke 2013년 10월 15일 오후 2시 28분 
up, same problem
Gororules 2013년 10월 15일 오후 4시 04분 
Hate to tell you but I wrote this almost a year ago and still no help lol.
Ziharke 2013년 10월 16일 오전 8시 06분 
I know ^^ that's why i made an up because lot of people buyed the game with the himble bundle weekly sale last week, i hope someone know a solution for it
Gororules 2013년 10월 16일 오후 2시 24분 
Yeah I did a little more trouble shooting myself, still no answer. a copy of the game for anyone who can help me XD It's in my inventory!
DoubleJ93  [개발자] 2013년 10월 17일 오전 9시 17분 
Please configure the game in order to run it in administrator mode:

1. Open the folder Steam then the folder SteamApps.
2. Open the folder Common then the folder Game of Thrones.
3. Open the folder Binaries then the folder Win32.
4. Right click the application ShippingPC-AGOTGame and click Properties.
5. Click the tab Compatibility and check 'Run this program as an administrator'.
6. Click the button OK then run Game of Thrones.
Ziharke 2013년 10월 17일 오전 11시 55분 
Thak you for your answer, i tried it but it always chrash at the same time. Here is the error message. it's in french:

Signature du problème :
Nom d’événement de problème: APPCRASH
Nom de l’application: ShippingPC-AGOTGame.exe
Version de l’application:
Horodatage de l’application: 50f67358
Nom du module par défaut: ShippingPC-AGOTGame.exe
Version du module par défaut:
Horodateur du module par défaut: 50f67358
Code de l’exception: c0000005
Décalage de l’exception: 009d96e8
Version du système: 6.1.7601.
Identificateur de paramètres régionaux: 1036
Information supplémentaire n° 1: 0a9e
Information supplémentaire n° 2: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789
Information supplémentaire n° 3: 0a9e
Information supplémentaire n° 4: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789

My game is installed on my second hard drive named E: perharps the problem is from that.

Thank you for your answer.
Gororules 2013년 10월 17일 오후 3시 47분 
Yeah I know that's the same issue I have, I use a second drive for steam games and this game seems to want to save on the main drive and when it doesn't get to it flips out.
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