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trowa_S 2012년 10월 14일 오전 3시 47분
Game crashes at the end of chapter one
The game always crashes after beating the boss at the end of chapter 1, ive done it like 6 times now after modifying various things like graphics, anti virus, playing as admin and on xp compatibility however it still crashes. Does anyone know how to fix this??
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000Shadow000 2012년 10월 14일 오전 7시 28분 
Could be a sound/graphics driver issue, try updating all your drivers to the latest version?
trowa_S 2012년 10월 14일 오전 8시 43분 
Just tried to update them and apparently they are all up to date :/ thanks for you help though
The Great Cornholio 2012년 10월 14일 오후 8시 56분 
Trowa I'm getting the same issue. Tried looking on google and the forums for a solution and i havent found one yet.
trowa_S 2012년 10월 15일 오전 2시 45분 
I've had no luck on google either, least its not a specific problem with my computer then if some else has it then
trowa_S 2012년 10월 17일 오전 10시 28분 
Mine worked just now, after the update downloaded. Didn't work the first time straight after but after re verifying it again after the update, it downloaded like 7meg of files and now it gets past the point! So finaly onto chapter 2
husker 2012년 10월 19일 오후 12시 58분 
This is happening to me as well. I have uninstalled, reinstalled, verifed integrity of cache files, and defragged the cache files. I will try doing that again and seeing if I have to update my drivers.
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