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iankirton 2012년 9월 9일 오전 9시 06분
To the rescue
Can't kill the guards with dog....Mors is stuck..........watched the trailers of getting through very nice my fingers are'nt that there something i can do or is the promise unforfilled...please help
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hafgrimmar 2012년 9월 16일 오전 10시 13분 
If you can catch any guard alone, I've found swapping my left mouse tap to my left hand is an answer. :) Just reach across the keyboard, once the dog has taken the guard down! Works every time for me.
Losse 2012년 10월 17일 오후 8시 18분 
What are you talking about? How do you attack the guard from behind in the hall, nothing on the keyboard or mouse does anything even when your right behind him or once he sees you and kicks you back to the cell 50 times.
Losse 2012년 11월 25일 오후 2시 29분 
Ok, I think I finally figured out my problem. As you approach a guard from behind I think you have to press the R key to use ability. That lets you attack them, and then you click the left mouse button really fast.
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