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Nagru 2012년 11월 30일 오전 6시 15분
what DRM this game have?
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Fenrir007 2013년 3월 13일 오후 5시 03분 
Cyanide ommited the terrible DRM from their steam store page on their Of Orcs and Men as well, so I would be wary.
Zooptopus 2013년 3월 13일 오후 5시 13분 
No DRM. Playing right now. Didn't have to sign up for any kind of ♥♥♥♥. Drinking some lemonade and munching on some Trolli Gummi Worms. This will be a night to remember my friends. Carry on.
EnderW 2013년 3월 13일 오후 10시 16분 
that you havent had to sign on doesnt mean theres no starforce on it^^

edit: ok it says internet connection required for activation. So I guess there realy is StarForce on it (the activation might be a process you dont see, just that the game is connecting to the net)
EnderW님이 마지막으로 수정; 2013년 3월 13일 오후 10시 20분
Zooptopus 2013년 3월 13일 오후 10시 33분 
Oh well then. There haven't been any changes in the performance of my laptop. Everything seems to be running fine. Most games have DRM nowadays anyways. I've never been bothered by it, but then again... I've never had nightmares like other customers had with their drm issues.
› Dora-nyan 2013년 3월 14일 오전 12시 37분 
4th post from the bottom...
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