Clovis Nov 27, 2013 @ 8:44pm
Arena WTF
I'm enjoying a lot of stuff in this game, but some things are too tricky for their own good. Managing to get the "bloodhound" achievement is an example. It just seems like you have to brute force every possible dialogue option sometimes.

Anyway, the Arena is really annoying too. I listened to how the gambling worked. I was told that my odds were 3 to 1 and the people "loved" me. So, I bet on my opponent and it took me a couple tries to not beat the guy outright or get caught taking a dive.

So, what happens when he wins? The people call for him to let me live ... and he kills me. Game Over. That was certainly a possible outcome as described by Rupert, but in game terms that was a completely pointless waste of time. I followed all the rules to not die and died anyway.

I guess it probably doesn't matter. I'll just defeat everyone I can and move on instead of trying to "Pete Rose" the gambling aspect. The game works well on some levels, but then you hit stuff like that or a completely out of left field difficulty spike.