Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II
Lajtoskocsi May 9 @ 1:22am
Kotor 2 patch
Hi guys! I bought kotor 2(steam version) but I can't patch it. I installed the restored content mod but I have a big white box in the main menu instead of logo. And when I have a loading screen sometimes the game shuts down. Can you help me?
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Hassat Hunter May 9 @ 3:54am 
Did you install TSLRCM to the root folder... NOT override?
Lajtoskocsi May 10 @ 3:53am 
Do you mean to the game folder? If you think that then yes.
Lajtoskocsi May 10 @ 5:46am 
OK, I watched what you said. I think you were right. When I install the restored content the folder is the game root folder, but when I play the menu stays just like when I didn't do anything with it. What should I do?
Hassat Hunter May 13 @ 6:18am 
Did you disable auto-updates from Steam?
Also, what location did you install to? What Windows (32 or 64-bit?)
Lajtoskocsi May 14 @ 2:15am 
Yes, I did before I installed the the restored content. Or that's a problem? I installed the game to the kotor 2 directory in steam. I have a windows 8.1 64 bit.
Hassat Hunter May 15 @ 9:52am 
So you install it to program files (x86)/steam/ right?
Lajtoskocsi May 16 @ 5:57am 
Yes. steam/kotor 2 directory.
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