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TomTahany 8 ott 2012, ore 7:38
Young Drivers Test Hairpin Problems
Ive been trying to complete the hairpin task and i realise that the tyre puncture is meant to happen but i cant get the F11 thing to work so I cant continue. Any advice?
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Jackattack 8 ott 2012, ore 7:53 
You have to pause the game just after the puncture, rewind (F2) it to just before the puncture, and then press F11.
TomTahany 8 ott 2012, ore 8:15 
when i press any of the function buttons it goes weird and doesnt work and does their normal function e.g. mute/turn off wireless etc and it doesnt seem to work
Jackattack 8 ott 2012, ore 8:29 
Check how your driving controls are set, its in the 'my F1' menu.
[1]smifffers 8 ott 2012, ore 8:33 
ignorant ♥♥♥♥ gotta have mic on and spoil it .....NOB
!Funnylove / TS onlypotos.fr 8 ott 2012, ore 10:09 
yes ingame go to options > controller > personalised settings > and set up the button you want for replay (for me R) and F11 for flashback
JUDGE 8 ott 2012, ore 11:50 
yes thats right, i used my pad to rewind it there, then start from that point. my controls are assigned to my pad. :)
Pete 9 ott 2012, ore 6:00 
I can't see the point in "flashbacks", they tell us the game is "living the life", well you don't get a second chance in real life F1...if you get a puncture you have to make it back to the pits, that's if you can! They should write "flashbacks" out of the game....
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