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Vril 2012年12月31日上午11:37
No one playing online?
I have had the game about a week and at random times have attempted an online race. However, no one ever joins. Is this game dead in terms of multiplayer or am I just doing something wrong?
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deathsangel® 2012年12月31日下午12:19 
Hey, i play in the UK and our servers are always good..... where are you from?
MikechecK 2012年12月31日下午1:49 
go to steam...settings...downloads and cloud....and change server to UK. not sure why you have to do this, but it works.
JM 2012年12月31日下午5:46 
I just try this and I see nobody online...
consumer99 2012年12月31日下午9:30 
Playing in Aus, found 3 players, but nobody ever joins as third on the multiplayer quick matches or otherwise :-( .. cant see active player count for the region either so no idea if there are even players online.. a real shame i only bought this to play against human players ideally and its a big miss on the enjoyment for this game.. damn shame!
Vril 2013年1月1日上午9:34 
Changing to UK - Manchester worked, thanks Mike
MikechecK 2013年1月1日上午9:56 
引用自 jeanmemond
I just try this and I see nobody online...
Have to remeber time zones also. it might not be a peek time when you try. Im sure you can find other servers that have certain times when people are playing...have to experiment i supose.
Guus345 2013年1月1日下午7:04 
引用自 Vril
Changing to UK - Manchester worked, thanks Mike

I'm from USA and there weren't any players on until I changed the server location to UK-London.
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