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Vril 2012年12月31日 11時37分
No one playing online?
I have had the game about a week and at random times have attempted an online race. However, no one ever joins. Is this game dead in terms of multiplayer or am I just doing something wrong?
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deathsangel® 2012年12月31日 12時19分 
Hey, i play in the UK and our servers are always good..... where are you from?
MikechecK 2012年12月31日 13時49分 
go to steam...settings...downloads and cloud....and change server to UK. not sure why you have to do this, but it works.
JM 2012年12月31日 17時46分 
I just try this and I see nobody online...
consumer99 2012年12月31日 21時30分 
Playing in Aus, found 3 players, but nobody ever joins as third on the multiplayer quick matches or otherwise :-( .. cant see active player count for the region either so no idea if there are even players online.. a real shame i only bought this to play against human players ideally and its a big miss on the enjoyment for this game.. damn shame!
Vril 2013年1月1日 9時34分 
Changing to UK - Manchester worked, thanks Mike
MikechecK 2013年1月1日 9時56分 
jeanmemond の投稿を引用:
I just try this and I see nobody online...
Have to remeber time zones also. it might not be a peek time when you try. Im sure you can find other servers that have certain times when people are playing...have to experiment i supose.
Guus345 2013年1月1日 19時04分 
Vril の投稿を引用:
Changing to UK - Manchester worked, thanks Mike

I'm from USA and there weren't any players on until I changed the server location to UK-London.
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