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Den vandrande pinnen 2012年12月25日 4時15分
Worth it?
I saw this game on flash deal 50% off
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rafiplastering 2012年12月25日 4時59分 
yes man
I bought it.worth 20 queed
MikechecK 2012年12月25日 9時14分 
yes very worth it
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freakshowfreak 2012年12月25日 9時20分 
what they said
Den vandrande pinnen 2012年12月25日 9時37分 
thx I bought it:P
DAGO 4 SKIN 2012年12月25日 11時15分 
No!! Same song and dance as the two before this on. Save you money!!
=CBF=McTom 2012年12月31日 5時10分 
Since CM patched the AI-Skill, I don't play F1 2012 anymore, because I am hanging right between 2 difficulty Levels. Bought another racing sim, where you are able to adjust the AI very sensitive. Still hoping for a KI-Level patch here, cause I love F1.
kemo 2013年1月1日 10時59分 
Guys, do you experience any isses with coop, I mean is it really that bad as its said on forums? Im thinking about getting this with my bro to play coop championship, but still not sure if get this one or rather get 2011 (even there are old cars etc.). We've tried local coop and it was pretty buggy even in #5 patch, so is there any difference with latest #11 patch ? Thanks, T.
Jiinxs 2013年1月1日 13時29分 
I only had F1 2010, so for me it was worth it.
Heard that people who had the 2011 shouldnt bother buying it.
r3fuse 2013年1月2日 5時09分 
50 quid is all she asked for......
Luka Đurkan [CRO] 2013年1月2日 5時15分 
Can someone tell me how to deploy safety car on quick race in F1 2012 ??? :)
r3fuse 2013年1月2日 5時18分 
dunno bro dont own the game sorry
kemo 2013年1月2日 5時43分 
matijadurkan09 (HR)CRO の投稿を引用:
Can someone tell me how to deploy safety car on quick race in F1 2012 ??? :)

If I remember correctly, the race has to be at least 20% length to have SC enabled in the race.
Luka Đurkan [CRO] 2013年1月2日 12時17分 
yes i know that the race must be 20% lenght to have SC , but in 100% race what needs to happen to have a safety car on a track?
kemo 2013年1月2日 12時47分 
Actually I had a spin and couple of driver behind me crashed each other and then I just get SC, to be honest I saw it only once in my races.
Wicked@Larocca-be 2013年1月2日 13時10分 
Save your mony BAD AI system
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