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Youma 2012年9月15日上午5:31
I want a demo
This is one of those games you have absolutely no idea what it will be like before you play it. I can't buy this with no info.
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lord_ephi 2012年9月15日上午6:00 
GreG 2012年9月15日上午6:39 
I really want to try this game, but it's too risky to buy an indie game at $25 bucks. I looked for a demo too :P
admin  [开发者] 2012年9月15日上午6:54 
Hi all,
Demo is coming your way. We have plans to release it within first few weeks of game launch.

Blue Giant team
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Raxnac 2012年9月15日下午3:09 
I was looking for a demo version, too.
mcneilanime 2012年9月15日下午3:20 
Thanks for the update of a demo coming soon
BearCat =^.^= 2012年9月16日上午9:00 
The game is no worth what a they charge is has alot of good ideas not enought units or races i really like the Upgrade tree and thecover system all of mech they took from Rts so in a nut shel the game is ehhhhhh feels like a half ♥♥♥ idea that would have been good
Mookies 2012年9月17日上午12:23 
Game is too expensive for what it is. Period.
vinniereddy 2012年9月26日下午1:15 
Tryst Demo version is out now on Steam.

Download from here:
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