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SevenUp / TCA7 Jan 25, 2013 @ 11:06pm
Interesting looking Demo... However...
1. No single player to test the game play.

2. Forced to play 2 teams at Player versus Player (4 total) WITH ONLY 1 selectable map to play on even though several maps shown as available... You can play only you versus 1 AI in the map.

3. No Training mode to figure out the game.

4. Objectives? What objectives... No idea what you are supposed to do at first.

5. Sent one of my engineers to capture an energy spot on the map... he died because the freaking field was on fire so he died he had a chance to capture the energy spot.

6. Even on EASY AI is too fast to let you get an understanding of what to do.

7. NOBODY online to play with or against.

Game deleted in less than 15 minutes!

Sorry, this game won't see the light of day on my PC ever again.

Yet another wasted download! (YAWD)

Tryst > General Discussions > Topic Details