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Super simple fix for AMD\ATI Opengl Driver crash
by IzayoiKagemaru
Alot of people have this issue, they boot up certain idTech powered games and the atioglxx.dll crashes or the game makes it crash. This is just a simple way to fix it no need to expand files or do manual things or wasting time browsing the discussions...
[SPANISH] Guía de Doom 3: BFG Edition
by Ryo
Guía de las PDAs, los armarios de suministros y los registros de vídeos de Doom 3, Lost Mission y Resurrection of Evil. ESTA GUÍA TAMBIÉN INCLUYE: Easter Eggs...
Советы по прохождению игры на сложности Кошмар. (Nightmare)
by Aracage (RUS)
How to play Doom 1 or 2 multiplayer in BFG Edition
by Trying2BGood
Easy guide on how to play Doom 1 and Doom 2 Multiplayer online and lan...
I like to watch
by Shait
Find all video logs in DOOM 3...
Rebind keys on an Xbox 360 controller
by Celebren
A basic guide on how to edit the controls on the Xbox 360 controller for all games in DOOM 3 BFG edition...
BUG - Jogo desconecta, impede auto save e recompensas das conquistas
by Neto_Germano
Provavelmente todos que jogaram a Versão BFG tiveram esse problema, logo após tirar uma screenshot, você passava por algum ponto de autosave, pegava um PDA ou então fazia algo que contasse pra cumprir uma conquista, você recebia uma mensagem de que o...
How to play No Rest for the Living in source ports
by Dragonsbrethren
This guide will teach you how to play the No Rest for the Living Doom 2 expansion in modern Doom engines with the proper music, level progression, and ending....
all easter eggs DOOM, DOOM 2
by AnthoChainSaw
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