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How to re-enable Achievements in DOOM 3: BFG Edition.
by AppleYanker
A guide on how to re-enable achievements without losing any progress....
easter eggs collection doom 3
by AnthoChainSaw
Rebind keys on an Xbox 360 controller
by Celebren
A basic guide on how to edit the controls on the Xbox 360 controller for all games in DOOM 3 BFG edition...
Коды Doom 2
by AMD 94
Некоторые команды которые помогут быстрее пройти игру....
Doom 3: BFG Walkthrough
by Sarah Walker
I tried to make my playthrough as fast as possible to cut down the time of the videos, so this isn't a locker/PDA run. I did put them in the walkthrough in text form, so look at the list!...
DOOM 3 levels list
by [R} Melodytchi
This guide lists all of the levels in DOOM 3, RoE, and The Lost Mission, in order. The map filenames are listed so that any level can be selected and played using the map console command....
DOOM 3: BFG Edition - Все достижения
by QuSSt™
Руководство по получению достижений в DOOM 3: BFG Edition....
Doom 3 Deathmatch Guide v0.6
by [DL]
An in-depth guide to deathmatch that contains handy map secrets, weapon strats, and more....
How to play No Rest for the Living in source ports
by Dragonsbrethren
This guide will teach you how to play the No Rest for the Living Doom 2 expansion in modern Doom engines with the proper music, level progression, and ending....
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