dondino 2012 11 月 25 @ 7:23上午
Do the non-bfg owners lose their incentive during sales?
It's 14.99 during the autumn sale, normally 29.99...but before the sale, they sold it to current owners of the original doom 3 for 19.99, Do us previous owners lose our incentive or just get less of a discount? Would be nice if it stacked since I already plopped money into the title. Anyhoot, just feeling slightly jipped...
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Luiz Barcelos 2012 11 月 25 @ 7:53上午 
I don't really care... I bought it cause I wanted it so bad haha xD
iBoba Fett 2012 11 月 26 @ 4:59上午 
I'd also like to know what happened to our incentive for those of us who already own Doom 3... :/ Did it have an expiration date or something for us?
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