zehn333 2012年11月11日上午7:11
Game starting up on wrong screen
When I start the game, it starts up on my second monitor, Monitor #2. None of my other games do this, steam or otherwise. Is this an issue with the program, or is there something I need to change in settings or something?
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Warcloud1337 2014年1月8日下午2:25 
Same thing is happening to me, did you find anything out yet?
zehn333 2014年1月8日下午4:41 
Yeah, it turns out if you go into the options in-game, if you click resolution, it'll actually say something like "Monitor 1: 1440x900, Monitor 1: 800x600, Monitor 2: 1440 x 900, Monitor 2: 800 x 600", you can change it through that.
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