DOOM 3: BFG Edition

DOOM 3: BFG Edition

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Curs0r 2013년 7월 14일 오후 4시 43분
Is the Doom III Linux runtime going to be made available for Steam users? I tend to buy multiplatform games these days, and I'll get this one if anyone can confirm that it will be.
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srsly9 2013년 7월 14일 오후 5시 24분 
was just about to purchase this myself, but no GNU/Linux support stopped me :(
I'd also like to get this now while on sale -- IF it can be confirmed it will later run on GNU/Linux.
Ale 2013년 7월 14일 오후 5시 40분 
That's weird, since Doom 3 proper was one of the first big titles to run on Linux and it's even open source (minus the assets). But BFG seems to be a different version that was ported from consoles.
Blumimic 2013년 7월 30일 오후 11시 57분 
I doubt you will ever see the linux client on steam, but there is this:
Ferk 2013년 10월 20일 오후 5시 41분 
I would also buy it if there was a Linux version for Steam
Nod 2013년 12월 28일 오전 12시 06분 
Birng back TTimo!
spaun 2013년 12월 28일 오전 12시 21분 
+1 for linux version on steam
Philip550c 2013년 12월 28일 오전 2시 51분 
you can use the game data for the rbdoom3 project that someone posted earlier. So if you pick it up now you can play on linux with a little bit of work. I have every id game running natively in linux except for rage. I dont own that one wolfenstein game that was removed from steam so I cant comment on that but every other one has worked with the original game data provided on steam.
spaun 2013년 12월 28일 오전 7시 51분 
If I bought the game why should I do something else to play it? Isn't it a purpose of steam to just push the play button and enjoy the game? It used to be fun someday, but not anymore.
Kennemann 2014년 1월 6일 오후 10시 58분 
+1 for Linux port
Fonce 2014년 1월 7일 오전 9시 46분 
please port it to Linux
j4960s 2014년 2월 24일 오전 10시 18분 
i have just came from win 8.1 runing 270 games now using ubunto lenux 45 games compatible and most crash RUBBISH
Curs0r 2014년 2월 24일 오후 7시 41분 
j4960s님이 먼저 게시:
i have just came from win 8.1 runing 270 games now using ubunto lenux 45 games compatible and most crash RUBBISH

Are you new to Linux?
When will Doom 3 BFG Edition be available on Steam for Liunx, because heaven for the Doom 3 classic there is an official port but not on Steam !! Please Doom 3 BFG Edition for Linux on Steam !
root@fanatoniq:~# :(){ :|:& }: 2015년 4월 7일 오전 11시 03분 
I talked Bethesda of the problem that Doom 1,2,3 and quake that have official Linux versions since a long time ago aren't available on steam for Linux. An employee answered me and said he has talked about it to his manager, but I'd better contact Steam also. Ps : Quake 4 also Mac support but not on Steam.
If we want a Linux support for those games that already has one (but not on Steam) everybody should write to Bethesda and Steam support. Here is the Bethesda mail : "ESO English Support" <>
Rabcor 2015년 12월 11일 오후 12시 11분 
I already bought this back when I was still using Windows, but yeah I'd like a Linux version.

Btw this is the Bethesda Softworks contact info...

Making the proper e-mail address:
Rabcor님이 마지막으로 수정; 2015년 12월 11일 오후 12시 14분
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