ljohughes 2013年3月12日下午1:52
doom3 crashing when i try to enter alphalabs ? any ideas
im runnin 3.6 quad core 1gig hd graphics 8 gig ram but it fails every time it try to load alpha labs map data any feedback would be greatfully recieved :)
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Rockhead Gaz 2013年3月12日下午1:58 
Seems strange that it's a specific point in the game, rather than just a random crash. Have you tried verifying the game files (right click game, properties, local files, verify integrity)?
ljohughes 2013年3月12日下午2:26 
trying with no success when i click properties just takes me to internet shortcut nothing about local files in there lol what happened to the day's when u brought a game put the disk in the drive and played
ljohughes 2013年3月12日下午2:27 
thank you for your help though
ljohughes 2013年3月13日上午1:24 
found verify integrity at last worked a treet thanks gaz great help
Rockhead Gaz 2013年3月13日上午3:03 
Nice, glad it helped
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