Arcturian Auror 8. maalis, 2013 10.34
doom 3 multiplayer
does somebody plays doom 3 mp?
and i hope that there will be survival mode in doom 4 :p
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Evil Bunny 8. maalis, 2013 11.02 
i done a few matches there are some people that play it
Arcturian Auror 8. maalis, 2013 11.20 
yeah i've done some to :p
MAN 10. maalis, 2013 3.27 
if you need good player in doom 3 add me in friends - [KFG]$BERS$(DeStRoErS).
Arcturian Auror 22. maalis, 2013 11.10 
doom 4 will be good ... i hope
CriticX 22. maalis, 2013 16.07 
Хочу ачивки мультиплеерные, помогите заработать, никто с знакомых в дум не играет
CriticX 22. maalis, 2013 16.08 
Help me with achievments for multi... add me for MP game
korpstenche 22. maalis, 2013 20.28 
If anyone wants another person to add, go ahead and add me - I haven't been able to play any multiplayer yet and I'm itching for some.
CriticX 23. maalis, 2013 1.16 
thanks, i already done
smashyourface 23. maalis, 2013 13.54 
I am also volunteering to play Doom 3 BFG Multiplayer.... I added a few of you.... if i missed anyone please add me so we can get a full game going.... It's pretty sad there are no servers on a game where you need alot of friends to enjoy it.
KiLLeR, eh 23. maalis, 2013 21.23 
I'd like to be able to round out the rest of the achievements also.
SealWare 29. maalis, 2013 5.34 
wud u b 1 of the first 2 join this group please??

Its for people wanting to play multiplayer doom, anybody is welcome.. thanks.
Sagewolf 3. huhti, 2013 19.25 
anyone up to play doom 3 multiplayer add me as friend
J o n e x 4. touko, 2013 6.21 
I'm interested in finishing the multiplayer achievements. Feel free to add :)
Suika Ibuki 4. touko, 2013 8.32 
Is the multiplayer dead? i see no matches :(
smashyourface 4. touko, 2013 10.52 
Suika Ibuki lähetti viestin:
Is the multiplayer dead? i see no matches :(
You have to add people manually and host your own games... There is no online servers so that's why this group exsists. So people can organize matches... Add me if you ever wanna play. I got a few people on my list so far..
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