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RYAN LOUNT 2013年2月24日 16時56分
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xdman 2013年2月27日 8時49分 
Final Doom: The Plutonia Experiment is definitively the best.
RYAN LOUNT 2013年2月27日 15時28分 
what is your favourite level in doom?

mine is slough of despair it is the level in doom 2. the level was hard coz you go round in circles and you have to retrace your steps.
BONHOMME-7H 2013年3月5日 21時51分 
Final Doom is the best
J o k e r 2013年3月6日 1時34分 
I always thought Doom II was the best.
RYAN LOUNT 2013年3月7日 15時40分 
@bonhomme-7h which level do you like from the final doom?
RYAN LOUNT 2013年3月7日 15時44分 
@mikeVI60 which level from Doom II is your favourite?
Arcturian Auror 2013年3月8日 10時56分 
is the final doom with BFG?
Senran Kagura (禁止済) 2013年3月10日 18時24分 
I'd have to say custom wads, master levels, Final doom, though one of my faves for old skool difficulty was NRFTL the doom 2 wad that you can pirate or play legally through I think it is only on xbl arcade.
bruano825 2013年3月14日 15時14分 
honor to cybran! の投稿を引用:
is the final doom with BFG?
No. You can still get it through the Steam Marketplace, but it's a separate game from BFG Edition along with the Master Levels of Doom 2.
Rockhead Gaz 2013年3月14日 16時15分 
Doom 2 is my favourite. But nothing beats the music from E2M1 in the original.
RYAN LOUNT 2013年3月14日 18時10分 
it is on the bfg edition but you have to buy the bfg edition to play doom and doom II
Retro 2013年3月28日 9時41分 
Final Doom originally came out with a Win95 interface, had two 30 level episodes, TNT and Plutonia, plus a couple secret levels each. Quite tough, I just started using them with GZDoom, turning off jumping and crouching to keep myself honest. BFG has the original 3 episode Doom and Doom2, plus a 30 level expansion fron Nerve {under Doom2}.
Final Doom is available quit cheap, don't be downloading those stolen levels off the web, probably just a virus. If not, you shouldn't steal anyway. People call it pirating to make it sound nicer, still theft. If everyone stole all their games, we'd still be playing Pong, and maybe Space Invaders.
最近の変更はRetroが行いました; 2013年3月28日 9時44分
RYAN LOUNT 2013年3月28日 13時51分 
i agree with you there Retro. and it's not theft it is called updating. ID software is a fine example of this, ID software updated their Doom game for the new audiences.
BONKERS 2013年3月29日 6時21分 
Doom 3 Vanilla is the best game IMO.

Retro 2013年3月29日 9時32分 
BONKERS の投稿を引用:
Doom 3 Vanilla is the best game IMO.
I tend to agree, although any of the originals with GzDoom and Brutal Doom addon is a riot. The hundred million {slight exageration} user levels out there don't hurt either. Seems to be more and more mods for Doom 3 out there too.
Many thanks to all the creative people making new content, for any game, really.
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