Arcturian Auror 2013年2月3日上午10:24
does anyone plays mp?
hi guys!
i was lpaying mp recently but there where only 3 players :(
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Evil Bunny 2013年2月3日上午10:56 
yea theres hardly people playing it on multiplayer i dont know what though.
Arcturian Auror 2013年2月3日上午11:25 
it's fun xd
Syluxguy2803 2013年2月3日下午5:55 
its the damn ping. not many people who want to play when the host has 0 ping, while everybody else has 200+.
[FG] Doom The Robot 2013年2月4日下午1:34 
i would like to play multiplayer. But... 1. When people talk i can't hear ♥♥♥♥ because of all the shooting and stuff going on. i can't seem to find a way to lower the game volume without lowering the mic volume as well. 2. Lag. enough said. 3. No one is online and i'm just wasting time sitting in a lobby waiting for people to join. DOOM 3 BFG EDITION's Multiplayer isn't bad. It's just with all these problems, it makes me want to throw my computer out the window.
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