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Juji 2013年1月30日 15時00分
Doom III BFG & 3D Vision
Could someone answer my question, please?
Has somebody experienced flickering on 3D Vision glasses?
How to solve such issue?
(my game is configured properly, I have read NVidia's blog)

This atmospheric horror would awesome in 3D;

Thank you very much
最近の変更はJujiが行いました; 2013年1月30日 15時01分
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a.moore239 2013年2月1日 19時11分 
not sure about issues thatmay arise from the hardware platform or software you are using, as an electrical engineer. i can suggest that you be sure of possible interference when use use the glasses in a room with flourescent lights switched on..
be well andy
Juji 2013年2月1日 23時58分 
I highly appreciate the answer,
but most of my games do not ficker.
ReadyToPlay 2013年2月2日 15時38分 
You using Windows 8? See if this helps:
Juji 2013年2月2日 23時53分 
Thank you very much.
This is rather the issue I have.
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