Hellmarine 2013. jan. 30. @ de. 9:29
Cheats for Domm II
Is their anybody who knew the correct cheats for Doom II?
The old ones like iddqd are not wright.
There are parts in the game they are a little bit difficult for me.
Thanks for your help.
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[-StrifE-] 2013. jan. 30. @ du. 5:12 
I too, would be interested if cheats worked, and what they would be. I have a feeling they won't work though because of steam achievements :(
a.moore239 2013. febr. 1. @ du. 7:08 
i get the impression that if you are attempting to use orignal cheats era 1993 dos version,, then the doom 1 and dooom 2 that is copied in with the crrent release of doom3bfg
then, doom 1 and 2 are there as a chance to revisit old geames and a marketing launch to promote doom3bfg
ie: doom 1 and 2 in with doom3bfg, are cut down versions, of the origianl program, functionality limited to just playing the game
be well. andy
[FG] DoomGeek101 2013. febr. 4. @ du. 1:44 
sadly there are no cheats for Doom and Doom 2. They may have turned it off because of steam achievements. So i'm guessing that id software may have turned it off because of glitches maybe. I mean, it is a game from 1993 on DOS after all. They have limited programming to work with.
Hellmarine 2013. febr. 5. @ de. 11:28 
when it´s impossible to use cheats. How will i beat the endboss of doom 2? I am too slowly to beat them.
[FG] DoomGeek101 2013. febr. 6. @ du. 1:33 
You mean John Romero? lol
Philip550c 2013. febr. 6. @ du. 8:04 
I recommend taking the wad files out of the game and using a different game engine. Like vavoom, prboom, chocolate doom, vanilla doom, etc... Just check wikipedia or google for all the options
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Hellmarine 2013. febr. 7. @ de. 6:25 
Yeah, I mean John Romero.

@ Philip550c:
Thank you for your answer. I will check the opinions.
Senran Kagura (Kitiltva) 2013. febr. 9. @ du. 1:22 
All you do is get the invulberability spheres over and over, and shoot rockets off the platform...a few direct hits boom dead...
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