ROCKATEER129 29. tammi, 2013 5.43
So why does everybody hate this game?
I rented this game for the PS3 and I really liked it but why does everybody hate it and shoul dI get the BFG edition or normal doom 3
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maul 30. tammi, 2013 17.58 
Hate? I dont hate this game, i love it. :) I know several who love this game.
YvngCleef 30. tammi, 2013 19.29 
they think its to lite which its not its just in hd and there trying to defend wat they like
ROCKATEER129 31. tammi, 2013 2.18 
oh lol
Ganger 1. helmi, 2013 13.47 
I have bought doom 3 three times now. First time when it first came out, second time on a steam sale and third time I bought the BFG edition. Its a great game, doom3 BFG does look better than the first doom3 but I was really hoping for is that id would remaster the game from scatch, you know new textures, new graphics, aim down the sight etc but hey Doom 3 BFG is still a top notch game.
HELLBLASER 2. helmi, 2013 18.48 
I love this game, and like Ganger above, bought this twice. I havent seen anyone on multiplayer but I am always down to play, feel free to add me
Evil Bunny 8. helmi, 2013 18.25 
its because of doom pureists think about the game counter strike or as other call it cs 1.6 (a game made by valve) when company (in this case id software) make slight changes to a game the fanboys of that game tend to go in to a complete temper tantram like a screaming five year a huge fan of id's games been playing sence 96 the first game i played was quake didnt play doom till i got steam in 2011.playing the original doom 3 and the bfg eidtion i can say the bfg edition is better the games graphics are more clean the character move better lip sync is better and im happy they patched in the flash light.
dysukker 9. helmi, 2013 13.43 
I hate it because I always enjoyed the multiplayer online FPS maps of old DM3. Now , in BFG nine times out of ten when I log on to the game server, no one else is there. And when I do manage to pick up a match (DM) my ping is an unplayable 999. Quake Live servers I'm always playing with a ping of 25 to 50.
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