DOOM 3: BFG Edition
What's with the "Texture LOD Bias" option? [mistery solved]
It's purpose? Does it makes the game look better or not? Thank you in advance.
Автор останньої редакції: Myth[Alex]; 23 січ 2013 о 8:46
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slide it to the left to make the textures more crisp
What does 'crisp' mean? Sorry, but English isn't my native language.
hello, if you slide it to the left it makes the textures appear sharper - slightly more detailed.
It is the bias at which the mipmaps for textures are decided at from the distance of the camera.

Beware it can cause artifacts such as shimmering/temporal aliasing if you do it too much.
This option keeps reverting back to default on start every time I change the slider. Anyone else getting the same?
Автор останньої редакції: KillCrazy; 30 кві 2013 о 9:23
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