Myth[Alex] 2013年1月9日上午7:32
What's with the "Texture LOD Bias" option? [mistery solved]
It's purpose? Does it makes the game look better or not? Thank you in advance.
最后由 Myth[Alex] 编辑于; 2013年1月23日上午8:46
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JD 2013年1月17日下午4:59 
slide it to the left to make the textures more crisp
Myth[Alex] 2013年1月18日上午8:31 
What does 'crisp' mean? Sorry, but English isn't my native language.
JD 2013年1月23日上午8:20 
hello, if you slide it to the left it makes the textures appear sharper - slightly more detailed.
Myth[Alex] 2013年1月23日上午8:46 
Thank you very much!
BONKERS 2013年1月25日上午2:58 
It is the bias at which the mipmaps for textures are decided at from the distance of the camera.

Beware it can cause artifacts such as shimmering/temporal aliasing if you do it too much.
KillCrazy 2013年4月30日上午9:23 
This option keeps reverting back to default on start every time I change the slider. Anyone else getting the same?
最后由 KillCrazy 编辑于; 2013年4月30日上午9:23
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