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Samorost 2013年1月1日 9時49分
All those games?
I just bought this because it also has the classic games, but when i go to my library, the only DOOM related thing is the BFG edition, not DOOM or DOOM II. When i go to the store page for DOOM and DOOM II it says i can still buy them. Do I need to launch the BFG edition to play the classics?
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Corvo 2013年1月1日 11時49分 
Samorost 2013年1月1日 11時50分 
leonlp12 の投稿を引用:

Ok, so BFG is like a hub for the games? Abit like the non steam orange box? you lanch it then choose wut game from the main menu?
[SHG] Nick 2013年1月1日 15時48分 
Samorost 2013年1月1日 16時23分 
And the DLC/expantion to Doom 3, called the resurection of evil, how do i acces that? or does it add weapons and enemies into the normal gameplay?
Samorost 2013年1月3日 5時02分 
OOOh ok, Thanks :D
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