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♫♪♬CAN YOU FEEL THE SUNSHINE♫♪♬ 2012年12月16日 18時42分
Odamex 0.6.2 released! Doom 3: BFG Edition supported!
With the newest version of Odamex, Doom 3: BFG Edition players can now join the servers that host classic Doom and Doom 2. Odamex is a 100% free source port that allows you to play Classic Doom online with your friends... or enemies! Check out our Steam group here for more information:

Simply download Odamex and join a server. Odamex will automatically find the files from Doom 3: BFG it needs. Enjoy!
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Pi$$weak 2012年12月16日 18時53分 
Look`s good might give it a spin
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