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=T$ECore= SuspectW 2012年12月15日 8時18分
Multiplayer achivements
Someone want get multiplayer achivements like me? Just add me and we both help each other. I'm need all except Crushed! achivement. Better 2 man to did 2 man - 1 gun achivement too.
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white beast of wotan 2012年12月15日 14時59分 
sup dude, I'd love to help. I think my achievments are disabled though, it says its because I "opened the console" do you know of any fix?
=T$ECore= SuspectW 2012年12月15日 22時02分 
Sorry dude, I'm don't know this problem. Why u think what ur achivements disabled? U tryed do some easy achive like found secret area in DOOM II or complete any Ultimate DOOM lvl on Nightmare?
Atelier 2012年12月16日 6時09分 
if you can wait until the christmas deals on steam which usually start around the 20th i will pick this game up and would be happy to help
Phei 2013年5月20日 7時48分 
I want to do these multiplayer achievements too.
Is there someone yet who would be in with me? :)
最近の変更はPheiが行いました; 2013年5月20日 7時49分
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